The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007-2011)

The second spin-off from Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures follow the titular character as she interacts with aliens from across the galaxy, saving the world from harm. Along the way, she adopts a son and in turn makes friends with teenagers who assist her in her adventures. There were 4 full series made of the show, with a fifth partly completed. Unfortunately the untimely death of Elizabeth Sladen meant that the series could not continue, but we cherish the stories she gave us. Apart from the opening episodes, all stories were split into two parts, giving a cliff-hanger at the end of the first halves.

Series One:
Invasion of the Bane
Revenge of the Slitheen
Eye of the Gorgon
Warriors of Kudlak
Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?
The Lost Boy

Series Two:
The Last Sontaran
The Day of the Clown
Secrets of the Stars
The Mark of the Berserker
The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith
Enemy of the Bane

Series Three:
Prisoner of the Judoon
The Mad Woman in the Attic
The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith
The Eternity Trap
Mona Lisa’s Revenge
The Gift

Series Four:
The Nightmare Man
The Vault of Secrets
Death of the Doctor
The Empty Planet
Lost in Time
Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith

Series Five:
The Curse of Clyde Langer
The Man Who Never Was