K-9 (2010)

Here we go, a spin-off of Doctor Who that was not broadcast by the BBC. So far there has only been one series produced, although a movie was announced to be released this year. With no news for quite some time, things don’t look good. Anyway, here is what I thought of the K-9 series.

Series One:
The Korven
The Bounty Hunter
Sirens of Ceres
Fear Itself
The Fall of the House of Gryffen
Jaws of Orthrus
Curse of Anubis
Alien Avatar
The Last Oak Tree
Black Hunger
The Cambridge Spy
Lost Library of UKKO
Mutant Copper
The Custodians
Taphony and the Time Loop
Robot Gladiators
Mind Snap
Angel of the North
The Last Precinct
Hound of the Korven
The Eclipse of the Korven