Cardiff Tardis Tour (2017)

As I noted in the other article regarding the set tour; I was a little disappointed with myself that I was too concerned with filming every second that I was there. I ended up not enjoying myself in the moment.
And so when I got the chance to get a ticket to see it again since the Capaldi revamp, I jumped at the chance. I also managed to nag my dad enough to come with me to Cardiff for the day. My final trip to Cardiff before the Experience closes down for good.

Made a new friend near Ianto’s shrine.

I took great pleasure in showing my dad around the Experience since I had been there an embarrassingly high number of times. And to his credit, he was quite convincing at pretending to be interested. I’m so pleased that I went to the Experience yet again, as there were some partly repaired classic costumes, that I never would have seen otherwise. Such as Silurians, Sea Devils, Cheetah People and Haemovores.

Always had a soft spot for the horse riding Cheetah People.

After spending an hour and and half in the Experience, it was time for me to release my dad and dash off to the set tour. They had upped the security from my last visit. The staff had nabbed cardboard urine trays from the set of Casualty for us to put our metal items in before going through an airport style security system. Then we were awarded with the second lanyard to be able to enter the set.

There were a few exclusive costumes and props from the current series on display in the studio.

The format of the tour had much improved. As there were such a large number in our group, we were split into three groups. We all went inside the set for a little Q&A with the tour guide. She told us various things about the way that they film inside the 360 degree set. Two of the wall panels at either side of the top level can be removed to put cameras through; for example.
When this little session was over, we all marched back down outside the Tardis set. Two of the groups were left to take photos in the Police Box, and look at a Dalek prop that was disassembled in order for the operator to get inside. Although we weren’t able to get in the Dalek, it was interesting to see how it really worked.

This. This is how it looked. A little wooden plank for a bench, and room for their feet to propel the prop along. Doesn’t look so advanced now.

I did however get a couple of pictures of myself inside the Police Box. I was so pressured because everyone was watching me. But I still really enjoyed the experience, as it was something I had always wanted to do.

I look like a bit of a plonker. But a very happy plonker.

Then we got ushered back up the stairs to the door of the set. We were again able to pose outside the blue doors. I will spare you the photograph of that, because I look insufferably goofy. When we opened the doors and went through, I let everyone in before me. This allowed me to be the last one in, and close the Tardis doors behind me. Such a small thing. But I actually got to lean on the Tardis doors and close them. Just like the Doctor might. Of course I took photos of this.

Such a buzz just from shutting a door.

Anyway, when we were all inside we were able to take all the selfies that we wanted; being reminded not to touch the console or go past the safety barriers leading to the upper stairs. We were able to look around, see the pot of Sonic Screwdrivers that the Doctor has on his desk in The Pilot, as well as his electric guitar. We were shown the roundel that opens up to be a drinks cabinet as seen in The Husbands of River Song. There was such a great atmosphere; because everyone on the tour was obsessed with this funny little show, just like me. So there was no real nervousness or embarrassment; with everyone asking questions and laughing at moments in the show.

Needless to say, I took a lot of photos.

I made sure not to make the same mistake that I had on my last visit. Although I took a serious amount of photos, I didn’t let it get in the way of me enjoying myself while I was there. It was a fantastic experience in total. After we had regrouped, we all walked back through the studio to go back through security and back towards the Experience. Everyone gave back their tour lanyards… except me. It was an accident, it was raining so I had my hoodie zipped up. I then completely forgot that I had the lanyard on underneath. I didn’t realise until I was over 118 miles away.
Even so, I very much enjoyed my trip, and made one last stop to take a selfie with my dad next to the Torchwood fountain….he had no idea what significance it held, but it was brilliant.

The new Torchwood team? God, could you imagine?

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