Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who

I am very much behind with this ‘news’ article. In fact, Capaldi announced his retirement from the show a good few months ago. I just felt like I might as well chime in with my feelings on the matter.

I love Peter Capaldi as an actor, and when he was announced as the next Doctor live on television; I couldn’t have been happier. They went for an older actor. Finally! Perfect!

The good times continued after series 8 (his first series) had aired. He wasn’t too old to have occasional action scenes but was rougher around the edges, more cold and calculating than his predecessors. The stories in this series weren’t perfect, but Capaldi was spot on.

Then came the Christmas special with the introduction of the hoodies to his costume, and called someone ‘sexy’. These things grated with his previously established character. When series 9 started, there was a complete shift in character; a lot more in keeping with Tennant or Smith. Not character development; bad character writing. Whether it was BBC bosses or pressure from the audience but the Doctor became too nice, too quickly. Need to stress that this isn’t Capaldi’s fault. More that he was wasted on the stories. His costume became more shabby and less ‘Doctorish’ in my opinion. None of this helped to make this incarnation memorable.

I wish Capaldi could have been persuaded to stay on under the new show runner, maybe to have a proper character arc with better development to make the twelfth Doctor more memorable. Alas it wasn’t to be. At the time of writing, Capaldi still has about 9 episodes left, and the most recent ones have been a lot better, finding a good balance for the Doctor’s character. But I think too little, too late.


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