The Edge of Destruction

Now lots of people would say that this story is where all of the main cast get to gel together. I would agree with that in the last 5 minutes of the story. Before that, I really don’t see it.
As good as I’m sure this story is, I didn’t particularly enjoy giving it a re-watch. I am also aware that this two-parter was made purely to fill two weeks short notice, and with no budget for more sets or actors. So of course it did a good job within those constraints, but I still never come to this one on my DVD shelf for a good time.
However there are many good points. As I mentioned, it only features the four regulars, who are all very good in their roles as usual, and the tense atmosphere of the story works pretty well, with the characters all suspecting each other of sabotage. When it turns out that it was just a fault with the Tardis, it does feel a little bit silly but I think William Hartnell’s speech to camera makes that worth it.
I really enjoy how casually we got to see different rooms of the Tardis back in these classic stories, whereas nowadays we get excited for a green screened Tardis swimming pool.
Most irritatingly of all about this story, is that it makes Marco Polo look so very interesting, but you can’t watch it as none of it exists….BBC!
I shall be listening to it however, and possibly with a decent reconstruction if I can find one.
The Edge of Destruction does succeed in what it set out to do, so definitely deserves credit. I rate it at five consoles out of ten.

Five Tardis Consoles out of Ten.



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