The Daleks

Now here we go, this is where a lot of things really kick off for Doctor Who.

I have to say that one of my guilty pleasures is the Peter Cushing film ‘Doctor Who and the Daleks.’
I am also aware that most people including myself do not consider it and the sequel to be canon with the show. However I feel that the film does a superior job of telling the story. Not going to do too many comparisons of the television and movie version because I would like to do a separate post on that later. Before you all want to exterminate me – see what I did there?
Allow me to explain; the seven part story is often a bit of a drag for me to finish, especially with the pretend ending, when they realize that they have dropped the fluid link and have to go all the way back to the city. I flatter myself that it has little to do with my attention span, and more to do with the pace. Don’t get me wrong, this story is really where Doctor Who got going – as I mentioned earlier. We get the introduction of the world’s most famous sink plunger at the end of part one, giving us one of the most highly rated cliffhangers. And we all know that without the Daleks story coming when it did, the entire Doctor Who series probably would have died… I can almost hear my poor fiancée cheering.
So without this story there would have been no further Doctor Who and no 2005 renewal. Incidentally, I hate the incorrect use of the word reboot;
Man of Steel = Reboot.
Terminator Genisys = Weird sequelish thing that isn’t a reboot.

Sorted? Sorted.

Anyways, back to the story; the Thals come across as extremely gullible, making you wonder how the Daleks hadn’t killed them all after promising cupcakes before. The Doctor and companions do get some good interaction with each other and the Daleks, even without radiation gloves. I enjoyed re-watching The Daleks  because despite what I have said, I do love this story. How could any Who fan not?
Would probably have to give this seven sink plungers out of ten, just for the sheer fact that it’s The Daleks man! Come on.


Seven sink plungers out of ten

6 thoughts on “The Daleks

  1. The Daleks are pretty iconic characters, but what character do you think is almost as iconic except from the Cybermen?


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