Marco Polo

Here we are at the first missing episode and the first story completely missing.

Now, I decided to take the reconstruction route, as apposed to just listening to the audio, as I wanted to make sure I took in as much of the story as possible. It just so happens that the reconstruction that I found was so laughably poor that I think it had been made on an early version of The Sims. Hey-Ho, I was still able to enjoy the story for what it was.
It was the first pure historical story, and I did enjoy the continuity segments of Marco Polo narrating over a map.
The story didn’t seem to drag very much at all, though that may have been because I didn’t watch it all in one sitting, rather over a few days. This is probably the best way to enjoy classic Who, especially with longer stories.
The Doctor has to be cut off from the Tardis, or else why can’t he just fly away when the going gets tough. And the Doctor being locked out and Marco holding the key didn’t grind on me as much as in other stories.
By the end of the story I was fairly invested in the character of Marco Polo and his exploits, again something that doesn’t always happen with secondary characters.
I enjoyed the story a lot more than I thought for my first full missing story, and for that I award Marco Polo six Tardis Carts out of ten.

Six Tardis Carts out of ten.



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