An Unearthly Blogger

Hello all; or failing that, hello to my future self who will no doubt go back to indulge in my terrible blogging.
Last year, some time before Christmas I had an idea. Like all ideas, it was not at all original. I would watch through every single Doctor Who episode…ever. At the time of writing this, according to Wikipedia, that stands at over 820 individual episodes. Crikey.
However, I wanted to keep some kind of record of my watching; hence the blog; a medium of which I know nothing. What could go wrong?
I should quickly add that I have been a fan of Doctor Who for many-a-year, since catching a UKTV Gold repeat of Spearhead from Space followed by The Curse of Fenric. It’s just that I have not yet seen every episode, including all of the lost 97 episodes. So this is what I intend to do. Haven’t got a clue how long it will take – thought the internet ‘reliably’ informs me that it will take at least a month…if I watch them all back to back…without a break…or sleep…or toilet breaks. I feel this may take me a while.



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